Old School Charm
A distinctive character of Singapore’s heritage, one can also easily find preserved shophouses and historic testaments along the busy and vibrant streets of Aljunied. With a strong cultural influence, Aljunied has branded itself as a local food paradise with many authentic food stalls selling affordable local delights. These local delights provide residents of Sims Urban Oasis with an alternative to hip cafes and bars.


Sims Urban Oasis sits on the cusp of several neighbourhoods, including Aljunied, Paya Lebar and Kallang. These are all areas with a distinctive old school charm, with clusters of traditional shophouses lining the streets of Geylang and the distinctive Geylang Serai Market in Paya Lebar. The area has built a reputation among local foodies for serving some of the nation’s best food, from countless local stalls selling authentic street food to local restaurants famous for their delicacies.

More and more new eateries are setting up shop around these historical neighbourhoods, resulting an rich tapestry juxtaposition of old and new. The rapidly transforming landscape around Sims Urban Oasis also adds an air of sophistication to the area and provides residents with an escape from the bright lights and bustle of the streets.