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GuocoLand Limited is the brain behind Sims Urban Oasis. It is a premier real estate developer owned by Hong Leong Group. It builds residential and commercial properties in Singapore, Malaysia, and China.
The portfolio of GuocoLand in Singapore includes some of the most prominent properties in the city. Wallich Residences, Aquarius by the Park, Loyang Villas, Goodwood Residence, Martin Modern, Westville, and Elliot At The East Cost are some of them.
Wallich Residences by Guocoland
Wallich Residences by Guocoland
Martin Modern by Guocoland
Initially, GuocoLand was incorporated as a private company under Sealion Hotels Pte Ltd in Singapore in 1976. After two years, it became a public company in 1978 and was listed on the Singapore Exchange. In the 1990s, Sealions Hotels became First Capital Corporation Ltd.
It was only in 2002 that GuocoLand assumed its present name, which not only reflects its parent company, Guoco Group and its vision as a property developer. As of 2021, GuocoLand Limited has over $11.3 billion in assets with equity of $4.3 billion and $843.7 million in revenue.
GuocoLand has been developing properties since the late 1990s and has developed and sold more than 32 residential properties in Singapore, making up over 9,000 private homes. Among the world-class properties developed by GuocoLand includes Sims Urban Oasis. The number of homes and properties is much higher if their portfolio contains properties in other countries.
GuocoLand has won over 100 awards, including the International Property Awards in Asia Pacific. The property developer also won the World Prix d’Excellence Awards in 2022, a testament to its innovative developments, impressive portfolio and commitment to excellence in building.
GuocoLand has an outstanding record of developing residential and commercial properties in Singapore and abroad. The developer has since expanded its building expertise to Australia and the United Kingdom—GuocoLand partners with Eco World International Berhad to construct properties in Sydney and London.
Suppose the record of accomplishment of GuocoLand is any indication. In that case, the company will soon take the international real estate industry by storm.
A leading residential developer in the region, MCL Land has established a legacy of building quality homes in the region for the past 50 years. Its extensive portfolio includes prime residential properties in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.
Its notable developments include The Estuary, UBER 388, Este Villa, Terrasse, Palms @ Sixth Avenue, Hallmark Residences, Ripple Bay, J Gateway, LakeVille, Sol Acres, Lake Grande, Margaret Ville and Parc Esta.


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    We are the resident agent for Sims Urban Oasis. Leave a message if you are interested to sell or rent out your unit in Sims Urban Oasis.
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