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3 tips to increase your productivity at work

Are you listless at work and burdened by the incessant deadlines? Is work stress lessening your productivity in the office? Fret not as here are some tips to give you the drive to work well and increase your performance!

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Personalise your workspace

Clichéd as it may sound, work stress often comes from not loving your work. Let’s not make it worse by working in an office space devoid of any personal touch. A small family photo or scenic picture of a holiday destination will give you a timely reminder of what you are working towards.

Live nearer to your workplace

While some might think that living near to your workplace is a constant reminder of the piling workload, the daily commute to your workplace can drain your energy even before you start your daily grind. Being able to retreat in the sanctuary of your home quickly is a sure-fire way to avoid job burnout. Close proximity to offices means a short travelling time back home, ensuring you more time for a well-deserved rest after a long day at work. Did you know that Sims Urban Oasis is just 12 minutes away from the Central Business District (CBD) by car? Industrial estates of Kallang Riverside, Lavender and MacPherson are also just a stone’s throw away!


Did you know by exercising, your body produces endorphins which are hormones that produce a feeling of euphoria? A leisure swim or a quick jog will be a perfect activity for one to feel better about yourself! Equipped with 2 Olympic-length swimming pools, a gymnasium and tennis court, Sims Urban Oasis’ facilities give you the opportunity to sweat it out at your convenience. With the Singapore Sports Hub located just 8 minutes away by car, residents have another wonderful option for an exercise venue.

Sims Urban Oasis’ location makes it a rare premium development that provides residents the benefits of city-fringe living, without the hustle and bustle of the city. Perfect for working adults, work well and increase your productivity by staying active with Sims Urban Oasis’ convenient facilities!

Choose a great place to invest and live in!

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