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The Beauty Of Dual Key Units!

Entering the private property market in 2009, dual key units have become a hot-seller with its wide target market. Catering to families of various sizes, Sims Urban Oasis features residences with the choice of 3- and 4- bedroom dual key units.

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With their great versatility, dual key units offer the beauty of having two homes under one strata title. Essentially, dual key units are residential dwellings that have a common main entrance, while having a second set of doors that lead to the individual units. In other words, the two homes share the same foyer, while having different keys to promote privacy of its occupants. Given the unique design of dual key units, these special homes allow for flexible living and cater to the needs of various target groups. With dual key units, homeowners have a free hand in designing and segregating the available space. Here are 3 reasons why dual key units are the perfect abode for modern day professionals.


Multi-generation Living And Newly-weds’ Private Abode

Dual key units cater to different groups of families. These are suitable for both established families living with their older generation as well as newly-weds who choose to live with their parents. Whichever the case, homeowners can occupy the main apartment, while allowing their parents to occupy the studio apartment or vice versa.

This allows both parties to have space and privacy while catering to the different needs the occupants may have.

The kitchen in the studio apartment can be converted into a walk-in wardrobe or a small chill-out corner for the parents if cooking is done in the main kitchen.


Working From Home

With the advancement of technology and changes in the economy, there is an increasing number of people working from home – whether in the capacity of an employee or being self-employed. For a conducive work environment, the studio apartment can be converted into an office space. This allows the homeowner to have a clear segregation between work and home, despite both places being beside each other. Time saved from travelling can be put to working more productively.

Perks of having a Gym, Retail shops and a Childcare Centre

A typical studio apartment can easily house four work stations, a pantry and a bathroom. Not forgetting the perks of having a gym, retail shops and a childcare centre, a lift ride away at Sims Urban Oasis – total comfort and convenience from home! The ideal location of Sims Urban Oasis, well-positioned at the city fringe, just minutes away from Aljunied MRT and a station away from Paya Lebar MRT Interchange, makes business meetings


Smart Investment Option

Homeowners looking to purchase dual key units for investment purposes will delight in the savings from holding one strata title with two apartments.

Homeowners with children can look forward to renting the studio apartment out for regular income. For homeowners without children, they can choose to occupy the studio apartment and rent out the main apartment for a sizeable income.

For homeowners who have a current property, they can purchase a dual key unit at Sims Urban Oasis as a smart investment to rent out both the main apartment and the studio apartment for attractive passive income.

With the above options for the utilization of dual key units, it is easy to see why such units ae swiftly purchased at property launches. This is especially so, with the priceless city fringe location of Sims Urban Oasis and the potential increase in her residential units in the near future, given the redevelopment works in the area. Sims Urban Oasis – a home and haven, not just a house. Get your dual key unit today!

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