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6 ways to help your child perform better in school

As parents, it is difficult not to get too invested in our children’s studies. But how do you motivate your child without stressing them out? Here are 6 things to keep in mind when helping your child excel academically.

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Ask, show concern

When you see a big F on your child’s result slip, the common reaction is to start reprimanding your kid. Before you react, put yourself in their shoes. Nothing hurts more than getting criticised by your parent. Instead, show concern and ask what kind of difficulties your kid facing in that subject. Take note of your tonality and not use harsh words as that may destroy their confidence.

Know the teachers

Other than your kid, there is no one else who knows more about their struggles in school than the teachers. Check in with the teachers on your kid’s progress and explore what can be done at home to complement the education received in the classroom.

All work and no play makes anyone a dull boy

While studies have to take top priority, rest and play is equally pivotal to a child’s development. Take regular breaks from studies and let your child relax by bringing them out for a short walk or to the playground. Outdoor activities may also delay the onset or progression of myopia in your child.

Add in a fun factor when testing them

Most children find studying hard because it may seem boring and repetitive. Parents can explore ways to make learning fun for their children. Use everyday settings to engage them in an activity. For example, when you take the kids out to the supermarket, you can task them with completing the shopping list while keeping to a certain budget.

Set an example and walk a mile in their shoes

Sometimes we have to admit that our kids may require a little bit more help in studies, if you observe them taking a longer time to absorb a concept. This is where we can consider to seek external help. Choose from a wide array of trusted programmes in Adam Khoo’s Learning Centre , which is just 11 minutes drive away from Sims Urban Oasis. With a proven track record, you can be assured that the trained tutors will improve your children’s grade with better supervision and guidance.

Add in a fun factor when testing them

Oftentimes, it is simple to ask our children to study harder, to concentrate. But how many of us actually accomplished such a feat when we were young? Distractions are bountiful and we can’t expect our child to be industrious, especially if we ourselves do not abide by the same rules. The example we set will make more of an impression than words alone. Parents can sit down and focus on their work, all the while situating themselves near enough to answer any questions that the child has. This demonstrates not only verbal encouragement but also moral support, thereby enabling a conducive environment for high performance learning.


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