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Making Your Residence Into the Perfect Family Home

A home is where the family grows together, and personalizing your home to provide a safe, clean, and stress free environment is important for a fulfilling life. Sims Urban Oasis has been designed to provide the ideal home with abundant communal space, as well as sufficient private space for each family member. Here are some interior design and lifestyle tips for you to further enhance your family residence.

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Having a space filled with lush greenery within your home is a great option for stress free living, especially if you spend most of your time in the hustle and bustle of city life. In Sims Urban Oasis, selected 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom units come with a functional balcony space which serves as an extension from the living room. Not only is it easy to host your visitors, it also makes for a safe area in which children can play. Place a swing for some quality family time, or dress the compound in green to get close to nature.

Tips! Try your hand at gardening – a great pastime to reduce your stress levels and keep you active.

Plant some of your favorite herbs such as rosemary, thyme, mint, and oregano to add a nice touch of flavor to your family meals! Enjoy some tasty culinary moments with your loved ones after a hard day’s work. Bond over a well-cooked meal and share the days’ happenings with one another. Then spend the after-dinner moments chatting on the sofa or enjoying a movie together.


Maximize the use of the space in your Sims Urban Oasis unit. The 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom units come with a large living area, with enough space to accommodate a 6-seater dining table or bigger.

Homeowners and investors alike will love the dual-key feature of units in Sims Urban Oasis. Buyers of dual-key units get to enjoy two tenancies from the “two separate apartments” yet only own one piece of property. For homeowners intending to use the unit for own stay, having an adjoining means the extended family can stay next door. With both sides enjoying their stay yet maintaining their privacy, multi-generation living is now a reality with Sims Urban Oasis.

Tips! To make the home look even more air and spacious, use mirrors. Mirrors are well known for giving the illusion of a larger space due to its reflective nature. By placing a wall mirror into your home, not only will it seem as though you have two times the space, you’ll also be able to have 360 vision by observing what’s happening through the reflected surface – perfect for children who have young children who like to run all around the house!


S3- to 5-bedroom units come equipped with both a wet and dry kitchen, where you can prepare your meals effortlessly.

The wet kitchen gives you ample space to do your heavy cooking while the efficient ventilation keeps the grease away from the family and the rest of the home. Next to it, the dry kitchen brings the aroma of light cooking near your family, while the island adds a nice, contemporary touch. The island also functions as a community area for the family. Engage the family and children to cook and bake together for some wholesome family fun!

Tips! Have a dedicated space labelled for each food or spice type, and don’t mix!

This will ensure that you remember where everything is placed, while also preventing any cross-contamination of food between spices, fruits, vegetables and meat.


The 4-bedroom Grand units at Sims Urban Oasis come with en-suite bathrooms for every bedroom.

Tips! In order to keep your sink area clean and tidy, ledges will come in handy to let you place your tubes and bottles in a simple yet aesthetically pleasing manner.

Having a neat bathroom will ensure you start your mornings and end your evenings feeling refreshed.

With each residence thoughtfully designed for stress free living, families can enjoy a home where precious memories and joyful moments are made. With features such as an open balcony for a break from city life, spacious living areas for exciting family activities, and ample personal space for each family member, Sims Urban Oasis is an ideal environment for loving families to grow together!

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