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5 Tips TO Power Your 2018

A brand new year brings fresh new hopes and 2018 is no different. We’re already two months into the year, and whilst we’re busy with adjusting to the new 365-day cycle, let’s not forget to keep to our New Year’s resolution or even add on to the ones we’ve already made. Personal growth is important so here are some goals you can look to continue working towards for the rest of 2018.

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Spend Time With The Family

Nothing is more important than our family. The family nucleus is the most basic unit in any society and it important to spend time with our loved ones. Whether you are a working professional or a student, always set aside time to be with the people you hold dear. At least once a week, invite your parents or children over to your Sims Urban Oasis unit for a family gathering. Bond over a lovingly-prepared meal in the comfort of your home. If your parents or children live with you in a dual-key unit, then things are even easier to arrange! No excuse not to spend quality time with your family!

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

There is a saying, “Health is wealth.” This cannot be truer! We need to maintain a healthy body in order to enjoy a life rich in meaning and live it to its fullest. Start living a healthy lifestyle, no matter how busy you are. Make exercise an essential component of your life and make full use of the numerous facilities available in Sims Urban Oasis.

The Tennis Court is Waiting For You

Apart from the gymnasium, an outdoor fitness area and a 50m lap pool await your use. If swimming is not your cup of tea but tennis is, the tennis court is just waiting for you. A jogging trail is available for those who take their running seriously!

Eat Healthily

In 2018, aim to eat more healthily. You could certainly assemble a great, healthy meal in your kitchen. However, if you prepare to eat out, there are eateries around Sims Urban Oasis that will satisfy you in both taste and nutritional content!

Check out The Bento People (2 Kallang Avenue #02-17), where you can pick and choose from an array of items using a bento box which will leave you with a nicely-proportioned, well-balanced meal.

Guilt Free Fast Food!

Another option is you can enjoy is fries and burgers without the guilt of fast food at VeganBurg (44 Jalan Eunos). This outlet serves up the equivalent of your favourite fast food (and satay too!) with meat-free, GMO-free ingredients.


Living well begins with your choice of residence. With Sims Urban Oasis, convenience of location and efficiency are prime as living on the city-edge gives you more time to spend on living life instead of travelling. With Aljunied MRT being a quick 5-minute walk away, and the Central Business District only 5 MRT stops away from home, your race against time is over.

Plan your tasks ahead and manage your time well, so that you can accomplish more with less. An alternative idea is to hold meetings right where you stay! Meeting pods at Sims Urban Oasis allow you to meet with your friends and clients in a quiet and professional space to get business done.


Enrich your stay in Sims Urban Oasis by forming bonds with people around you.

Be part of the Sims Urban Oasis Community, where children play with one another at the playground and grandparents stroll around the vicinity interacting with other residents. Organize and take part in activities with your neighbor, by having a cookout session at the Family BBQ Pavilion. Invite your friends and family for a gathering with the community that forms bonds for a lifetime.

With this list of ideas that promise to make life more enriching in the year ahead, there is no reason not to enjoy a fruitful year in Sims Urban Oasis. Here’s to a great 2018!

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